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Differences between the North Island and South Island of NZ

Edited for 2017 Of course, if you’re paying a visit to New Zealand, seeing absolutely all of it would be ideal. But let’s be honest, it’s not a realistic option for many people. It’s more likely you’ll only have time to squeeze some of it in. So, you may be asking – What even is the difference between the North and South islands of New Zealand? Here are the answers, so you can decide what would suit you best! How hot do you want it? Probably the most obvious difference – and so the best to kick off with – is the climate. Although New Zealand weather can be pretty unpredictable on a given day (it’s often said you can experience all 4 seasons within just one), it’s a safe bet how the two islands compare climatically. As a rule of thumb, the North is warmer than the South. This goes for all seasons however it should be said NZ is void of any real extremes. The North Island typically maintains a mild temperature throughout the year (20-30°C in summer), with the warmer region being near the top of the island (as it’s closer to the equator). The air is slightly […]

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Understanding Haka Tours' Pricing

At Haka Tours, not only are we proud to have our tours be voted #1 in New Zealand by independent traveller reviews, but we are proud to offer competitive prices for our guests. Unlike a lot of our competitors, our base price offers more than just a bus pass.  Our tours are packed full of value and include accommodation, transport, key activities and a kiwi tour guide who has expert, local knowledge and will take you to places you would never find touring on your own! Here is a quick pricing chart that shows what you get when you book a tour with us. So whether you are thinking about an adventure or snow tour, don’t forget you get all of the above. Accommodation Your tour includes accommodation for each night you travel with us. By hoping on one of our tours and letting us choose the accommodation for you, you can take advantage of our expert-knowledge. We know the best places to stay and only stay at the highest quality lodges/hostels (especially great for the busy seasons when they are all-booked out). Not only do you ensure you stay at the best spots, it also saves you the hassle […]

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Haka Tours wins Rankers Supreme Award

Independent travellers have voted Haka Tours as the Visitor Activity Supreme Winner 2012 in the annual Rankers Traveller Voted Awards. Haka Tours beat off competition from 4000 other qualifying tourism businesses. According to owner Ryan Sanders – “We’re stoked to scoop this award which is one we’ve been targeting for a few years now. It is a huge achievement and a testament to the focus we have placed on providing fun, small group tours for our customers”. Rankers ( is a highly utilised and respected review website for independent travellers. The awards process accumulates the reviews of travellers from two sources. The Rankers team directly interview travellers and take quotes from them, plus travellers can post directly onto the Rankers site. Integrity is paramount and posts are checked to ensure authenticity. The following review from a UK customer, on 18th July, is one of many 10/10 reviews of Haka Tours on the site. “Haka Tours have been a godsend. I was travelling by myself for the first time, I normally travel with friends. I wanted to come to New Zealand for snowboarding but did not want to drive myself around. I got in touch with Haka Tours and they organised […]

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Haka Tours Affiliate Programme

Haka Tours is the leading provider of adventure and snow tours in New Zealand, and we have a generous and professional affiliate programme. If you want to partner with a key New Zealand tourism brand, promoting a high valuable, premium product, then read on. We are the best at what we do and that is giving customers a world-class experience when touring New Zealand. Our awards and online feedback speak for themselves – have a search for us online. Furthermore, we have great branding which has resulted in many global brands wanting to partner for us for various promotions including: Heineken Beer, Quiksilver, Boost Juice, Carlton Dry Beer Australia, World Heli-Challenge and a whole host of others. Key information Our commission is 10%. Our tours range in price from $1,299 NZD to $3,599 NZD which means commissions between $129 NZD to $359 NZD per sale. If one of your leads requires our email/phonesupport, you still earn your full commission Commission is payable for tour sales only. (we don’t pay commission on add-on activities, such as bungy jumping as we ourselves are a 3rd party seller of these products) The clicked link is active for 90 days – more than enough […]

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