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Why traveling solo is good for you!

Traveling solo is brilliant because simple life skills are intensified. You learn your likes and dislikes, how to bond with people and the value of an experience. And, because you’re on your own, you learn to enjoy your own company – and you learn introspection.

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20 Things to do around West Auckland!

Whether it be strawberry picking, fine-dining in a treehouse or chasing waterfalls – we have it! Here are 20 things to see and do around West Auckland

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6 Golden Activities to do in Queenstown

Adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is well known, well loved and well worth the visit. Here are six activities to help you unwind after a day on the slopes – or just unwind!

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Am I good enough to heliski?

Heliskiing holds a perception that you need to be an alpine-adventure-extremist-junkie. Is heliskiing is on your bucket list? You’ve always wanted to try it, but you don’t think your good enough? Here is how good you need to be to heliski!

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Gear up the snow season – how to get snow ready!

Who’s excited for the snow season!? If you want to get in shape for the snow season, we suggest starting an exercise program a month or two in advance – here are some tips and tricks on how to get into the best possible shape!

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