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Interview with Skydive Lake Wanaka – Skydive 12-15,000 Feet!

Skydiving is one of the most popular activities on our tours, and for good reason. It is more than just an adrenaline rush; for many, it is a life changing experience. Wanaka is absolutely stunning, and what better way to experience it than by jumping 12-15,000 feet out of a plane?! For more information, check out our interview with our good friends over at Skydive Lake Wanaka: Question 1: Hi there – could you please introduce yourself, and introduce your business to our readers. Hi – My name is Kirsten McRae and I am the Wingman (aka Sales and Marketing) for Dave and Jools here at Skydive Lake Wanaka.  I’ve been working with the company for just over 6 years.  And I’m proud to say that I am a born and bred Wanaka local  (We’re a rear find nowadays!). For 17 years we’ve been strapping customers to our Beautiful Strangers and leaping out of a perfectly good plane over gorgeous Lake Wanaka!!!  Offering Tandem Skydiving from 12,000ft and 15,000ft – the only thing more important that having FUN is safety. Question 2: What is it about your job that you love the most?  Ohhhh… so many reasons – but the […]

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Interview with Alpine Jet & Jet Thrills

Todays interview is with Paul Vernel, the director/owner of Alpine Jet & Jet Thrills. New Zealand has a unique history with Jet Boating as an adventure tourism activity. Like paragliding, we developed the sport and it has now spread world-wide! Of course, we still believe that New Zealand is the best place to experience it (though admittedly we are biased). It is a relatively low-cost, safe way to get an adrenaline rush while seeing some awesome scenery while you’re at it! Take a look at our interview below: Question 1: Thanks for chatting with us. Please let the readers know what your business and who you are. Hi My name Paul Vernel I am the owner of Alpine Jet and Jet Thrills. They are Jet boating companies based on the Waimakariri River just out of Christchurch. Jet Thrills is on the Lower Waimakariri and the Alpine Jet is up in the Gorge area,  or Canyon as they are known in the Northern Hemisphere. Question 2: We get the feeling you love your job. Why? I have been Jet boating as an interest now for about 27 years and as a commercial business for 12. I enjoy the freedom it gives […]

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Interview with Across Country Quad Bikes Franz Josef

At Haka Tours, we are proud to be one of the leaders in New Zealand adventure toursim. This gives us the opportunity to partner with several great adventure activity providers, including Across Country Quad Bikes. Located at Franz Josef, they are a really unique way to see the West Coast, with stunning views. This activity is available on our 24 day & 16 day NZ-wide tours, and our 12 day & 7 day day South Island specific tours. Check out our interview with them below: Question 1: First off, thanks for chatting with us! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers, and let us know more about Across Country Quad Bikes. Hey I’m Hollie Tang Wilkinson and I’m part owner/manager for Across Country Quad Bikes. I was born in Sweden and my parents are from Hong Kong, I moved to NZ 11 years ago to study adventure tourism, met my kiwi husband on the course and as soon as my course finished both me and my husband got jobs working on the Franz josef Glacier as guides, I worked for 2 years on the glacier and the neighbor wanted to start up Across County Country Quad bikes and ask […]

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Interview with Invercargill Top 10 Holiday Park

At Haka Tours, we work with and are friends with a huge number of businesses in New Zealand. It takes a lot of work to keep the New Zealand tourism industry ticking, and we are proud to be affiliated with them! So we decided to introduce our readers to them in a series of interviews. Our first interview is with Invercargill Top 10 Holiday Park. They have a wide range of accommodation options in Invercargill, plus they have some great tips on visiting there too! Question 1: Firstly, could you please introduce your business, and what you offer. Invercargill Top 10: We are located in the beautiful city of Invercargil. Invervargil is a great city to visit, featuring stunning buildings, great shopping areas and exquisit resturants that are as good as larger cities in New Zealand. While here, you can visit the Southland Coastline, known for featuring nature that is untouched and at its more raw. You can see this travelling via the Southern Scenic Route. Invercargill is close to other cities & areas in NZ including Queenstown, Fiorland and the Caitlins. You can also catch a ferry or flight over to the Stewart Island. Spacious, quiet and top-quality, hosts […]

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Differences between the North Island and South Island of NZ

Edited for 2017 Of course, if you’re paying a visit to New Zealand, seeing absolutely all of it would be ideal. But let’s be honest, it’s not a realistic option for many people. It’s more likely you’ll only have time to squeeze some of it in. So, you may be asking – What even is the difference between the North and South islands of New Zealand? Here are the answers, so you can decide what would suit you best! How hot do you want it? Probably the most obvious difference – and so the best to kick off with – is the climate. Although New Zealand weather can be pretty unpredictable on a given day (it’s often said you can experience all 4 seasons within just one), it’s a safe bet how the two islands compare climatically. As a rule of thumb, the North is warmer than the South. This goes for all seasons however it should be said NZ is void of any real extremes. The North Island typically maintains a mild temperature throughout the year (20-30°C in summer), with the warmer region being near the top of the island (as it’s closer to the equator). The air is slightly […]

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