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How to keep your coffee grind in New Zealand

Travelling to a new country can be daunting when your daily coffee routine is challenged. Luckily, New Zealand, small size but nonetheless wise, is a premium coffee producer and proud founder of the flat white. Here is a list of our popular coffee orders and preferred coffee roasters to keep you grinding!

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A trip to the snow – New Zealand or Australia?

The days get shorter, weather becomes cooler, food becomes heavier, you become heavier – Winter is coming. We compare a snow holiday in New Zealand verse Australia, factoring in weather conditions, ski terrain, transport and cost. 

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Seven hidden gems on Karangahape Road – for a backpacker budget.

Karangahape Road is vibrant with an eclectic mix of people and a grungy, artistic feel of a metropolitan area. Here are seven gems to explore! 

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Top five places for skiing and snowboarding in Australia and New Zealand!

Winter is coming! We have put together the top five snow resorts in Australia and New Zealand – with local recommendations and attractions.

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Beginner's guide to speaking Kiwi

Travelling to a new country can be a daunting experience, especially when you don’t understand the local language. New Zealander’s relaxed attitude is reflected in their speech – a slow, relaxed drawl with flavour adders that represent local culture. 

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10 things you need to know about snow!

While we are still enjoying summery weather in New Zealand, it is officially Autumn… so it is time to start thinking about all things snow again!  We’ve pulled together some wild snow facts to get you in a wintery mood.

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Embracing indigenous culture vs cultural appropriation – Where does the line sit?

Today we’re gonna talk about the difficult questions of where the line sits between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation, and if there is a way to celebrate foreign cultures without being appropriative?
Before we can make up our mind about these questions, we first have to understand what cultural appropriation actually is: According to the video, cultural appropriation means: “Stealing of foreign cultural elements without consensus or dialogue in order to profit from. This sort of act is usually carried out by a culture in a position of power over another one with less resources. It’s born out of an interest in the exotic and a desire to appropriate an esthetic without caring or knowing about what’s being imitated.”

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New Zealand’s never ending list of mountain bike parks

You probably already know some of NZ’s best riding locations. However, here is a list of destinations you can pick in; you will find some big riding spots as well as some smaller Networks of trails. Enjoy!

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