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Embracing indigenous culture vs cultural appropriation – Where does the line sit?

Today we’re gonna talk about the difficult questions of where the line sits between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation, and if there is a way to celebrate foreign cultures without being appropriative?
Before we can make up our mind about these questions, we first have to understand what cultural appropriation actually is: According to the video, cultural appropriation means: “Stealing of foreign cultural elements without consensus or dialogue in order to profit from. This sort of act is usually carried out by a culture in a position of power over another one with less resources. It’s born out of an interest in the exotic and a desire to appropriate an esthetic without caring or knowing about what’s being imitated.”

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The Cultural DO's and DONT's in New Zealand

Kia Ora! Today, we’re talking about something many mindful travelers might be concerned about before visiting a new country: the big DO’s and DONT’s in the local culture. So, what about New Zealand, are there any? For sure! But don’t you worry, we’ll guide you through the most important ones, explore the origin of some of these customs and manners and learn a bit about the ‘Māori way of doing things’.

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Tā Moko: The sacred Māori 'tattoo' culture

Kia Ora!
You might have heard about the Māori ‘tattoo’ culture, which is called Tā Moko and is seen as a cultural treasure. It is popular in western pop culture, highly sacred to the Māori and a thus, a very interesting and intensely discussed subject.

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Māori Myths and Legends: The importance of Storytelling

Kia Ora! Everybody loves a good love story (although few people admit it), and the Māori culture is full of those!
Today, we’d like to share one of our favorite stories with you, the Story of Hinemoa & Tutanekai.
But before we start our storytime, we’ll have a look into the reason why the Māori developed such a rich oral culture.

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Traditional Māori Foods You Should Try When Visiting New Zealand

Kia Ora! It’s time to talk about Kai (Food in Te Reo Māori)! Food connects the world and sampling new, exotic dishes is one of the many things
travelers look forward to when exploring a new country. In a country with such a young human history, the ‘traditional cuisine’ is especially interesting.

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How to Correctly Pronounce the Places You’ll Be Visiting in NZ

How NOT to look like a fool when discussing your New Zealand itinerary!

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Te Reo, NZ’s Indigenous Language: 21 Words You Should Learn

It’s not essential, but it’s useful to know a few basics if you’re coming to NZ! To get you prepared, here’s a little crash course in Te Reo Māori!

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What to Do Before & After Your Haka Tour

Got some time before and/or after your Haka Tour? Check in here for ideas on what to do to fill that extra time!

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7 Reasons Why Wellington Is the Best Capital in the World

It’s time we gave the cool little capital the credit it deserves! Here are 7 reasons why Wellington is THE coolest capital on earth.

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Rotorua, New Zealand – Everything You Need to Know

The Haka Tours guide to Rotorua – one of NZ’s most popular destinations.

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