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A Sweaty Kiwi Christmas

I hope someone’s getting a handkerchief for Christmas, because that is one moist brow I ain’t gonna wipe.

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What Your NZ-Native Spirit Animal Says About You

It’s probably a question that’s been burdening your mind for a long time. What animal is my spirit animal? Or more specifically, what NZ-Native animal am I at heart?

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9 Weird Things You Never Knew About New Zealand

Ahh, New Zealand . .land of sheep, hobbits, and stunning landscapes. But it also has it’s fair share of weird stuff – here are 9 you’ve probably never heard of. 1. Giant meat eating Snails via New Zealand is only place in the world where you could spot the Powelliphanta – a Giant Carnivorous Albino Snail. That’s right. It’s a carnivore and an albino! They love munching on slugs and earthworms, and amazingly grow to around 8 centimetres (over 3 inches) in length. If you see one, our advice is to run! Well, maybe not run, but have a good look, take a few photo’s then leave it alone. 2. Dogs that drive cars In 2012, the SPCA successfully trained two rescued dogs to drive cars. By driving we mean using the steering wheel, the brakes, changing gears, and even sending the odd cheeky text message. Not only that, but the dogs in question, Monty and Porter, incredibly passed their drivers test. The SPCA has reportedly denied claims it plans to teach Kiwi’s to fly aeroplanes next. 3. Velcro Jumping is a New Zealand invention via Nasa While Velcro has been around for decades, it took a couple of […]

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Merry Christmas from 'Burto Claus'

Mikey Burton – aka ‘Burto Claus’ has a festive message to all our guests – past, present and future. This is Burto in top form. He even reckons that he could have a career as a TV presenter. We think Burto should just stick to being the best snow tour guide ever!

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Jacko Gill work out video

Even if you hate exercise or working out, check out this captivating video of Kiwi Jacko Gill’s slightly off beat work outs.  He’s a future gold medalist, and here is why. But don’t worry – Haka Tours are for all levels of fitness – attitude is far more important.

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Game of Thrones to be filmed in New Zealand

Makers of popular TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ have confirmed today that series 4 and 5 will be shot entirely in New Zealand. Previously shot in various locations in and around Ireland, the decision to move the production to New Zealand was driven by excessive snow falls in areas such as Canterbury and Queenstown, which would be ideal for filming. Producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss said that ‘the stunning scenery and landscapes in New Zealand perfectly represent the world of Westeros in what is going to be a long, cold winter.’ Weiss then added that ‘winters been coming for 3 bloody years now, so we needed somewhere that had snow, and lots of it. Weiss also denied rumours that they intended to re-use movie sets from Lord of the Rings, although there was an agreement with local film studio’s to use their extensive CGI experience to create ‘some of the epic battle scenes about to take place’.   Insiders say Peter Jackson, director of the ‘Rings’ films is in negotiations to direct two episodes. Jackson said while nothing was confirmed, ‘he would welcome the opportunity, ‘and it would be ‘really lovely to put a few of my rings actors in […]

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Culturally Significant Food to New Zealand: Desserts & Pies

In this blog post, we look at what food is culturally significant to New Zealanders. We get asked this question a lot; as while Aotearoa is known for its delicious world-class restaurants, people don’t know what us kiwis like to eat day-to-day. So in this blog post we will introduce you to some traditional NZ foods; Pavlova, Lamingtons and pies. Pavlova; the Controversy Between New Zealand and Australia Pavlova is a common, staple dessert found in New Zealand. It is a meringue dessert that is crispy on the outside, and very soft on the inside. Pavolvas are usually cake-sized, and it is rare to find single-serve Pavlovas. On the outside it is usually decorated with whipped cream (for a sweeter touch, you can mix icing sugar into the whipped cream) and topped with fruit; berries and kiwi fruit are common choices. You can look up recipes online but be prepared to practice it a lot; they are easy to mess up and so most New Zealanders choose to purchase pre-made ones rather than attempt their own. But besides being delicious, there is another big reason that Pavlovas are culturally significant to New Zealanders; there has been a long-held controversy between […]

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The Importance of Rugby to New Zealand

If you know anything about New Zealand, you know that we are crazy about rugby, and that it is very important to us. It is a core part of kiwi culture and it is a big part of our lives. Everyone plays soccer (or, should I say, football) in Europe. In the United States, everyone plays grid iron (or, should I say again, football). In Japan, its baseball. But here, it is definitely rugby. In our continuing blog series, we will look into why it is such a fixture in the lives on New Zealanders and the impact it us on our country. First off, what is rugby? Ein Beitrag geteilt von All Blacks (@allblacks) am 5. Nov 2016 um 15:26 Uhr It is a team sport that was created in England during the 1800’s and so it is relatively new. No one knows the exact history of how it came to be. The legend says that during a game of soccer at a school named “Rugby School”, one of the players, William Webb-Ellis, picked up the ball and ran with it. Out of this, the sport was born. The aim of the game is to place the oval-shaped ball […]

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The Haka: What it Means & Why it’s Performed

The Haka is iconic throughout the world. If you’re interested in rugby, then you probably know that the All Blacks perform a haka at the start of each of the rugby games. But, did you know why they do it? There are multiple reasons; and it comes back to the fact that the haka is important to the indigenous people of New Zealand; the Māori. It is an important, iconic part of their history and traditions. Today we are going to continue our blog series on Māori culture by looking at the meaning and significance of the haka. The haka started as a war dance The first hakas were created and performed by different Māori tribes as a war dance. It is an ancestral war cry. It was performed on the battlefields for two reasons. Firstly, it was done to scare their opponents; the warriors would use aggressive facial expressions such as bulging eyes and poking of their tongues. They would grunt and cry in an intimidating way, while beating and waving their weapons. The second reason they did this was for their own morale; they believed that they were calling upon the god of war to help them win […]

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New Zealand Culture Part 1: She'll Be Alright, Mate.

“Authentic cultural experiences” is a hot topic in the tourism world these days, with travellers wanting to experience a world different from their own back home. When people come to New Zealand they know they are in for a fantastic ride; thrilling activities, gorgeous scenery and delicious food. What a lot of people don’t anticipate though is discovering that New Zealand has a very unique, distinct culture and falling in-love with it. Our Haka Warriors come on our tours expecting to love our country, but leave with more than just an appreciation for our land. They become immersed in New Zealand culture and head back home with the feeling that Aoteroa is their second home. With this in mind, we decided to start another blog series. This blog series will introduce you to different parts of New Zealand culture. Not only will you learn about the different parts that make our our soul, you will also learn about why they influence us so much. Our first blog post looks at the relaxed, laid back attitude that kiwis are so well-known for and looks at how we came to be this way. Tiny Nation, Small Country People know that New Zealand is […]

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