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New Zealand’s never ending list of mountain bike parks

You probably already know some of NZ’s best riding locations. However, here is a list of destinations you can pick in; you will find some big riding spots as well as some smaller Networks of trails. Enjoy!

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Mountain biking in NZ: North Island VS South Island

Riders often ask us which island has the best riding – North or South? We love them both of course! New Zealand has many mountain biking playgrounds on offer, with hundreds of trails surrounded by epic scenery.

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Getting fit for your MTB trip in NZ

How fit do I need to be? Going on a mountain bike trip usually means riding for several days in a row.
Here is how to be ready for a New Zealand adventure!

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Top 10 New Zealand moutain biking Instagram feeds

Here is our pick on some of the top NZ mountain biking Instagram feeds to follow.
Discover amazing content and get pumped on mountain biking in New Zealand!

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8 Adrenaline-Pumping Activities in Queenstown

Check in here for what to do in Queenstown if you have the need for speed. Think bungy-jumping, skydiving, and some more out-of-the-box ideas!

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Christchurch Adventure Park – A Mountain Bike Heaven

Everything you need to know to get the most from the awesome Christchurch Adventure Park. . . .

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New Zealand’s Super Scenic Bridge to…. Nowhere!

The Bridge to Nowhere – going ‘nowhere’ has never been this amazing.

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Mountain Bike New Zealand: Bring Your Own Bike or Hire one?

Coming to NZ on a mountain bike adventure? The number one logisitcal decision to make is whether you should bring your own bike or hire one. Read on to find out the pro’s and con’s of each option.

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The ULTIMATE Guide to Mountain Biking in Queenstown.

Mountain Biking in Queenstown -everything you need to know about the best rides and the best tracks.

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NZ Mountain Biking – Your Packing List

So you’ve booked your tickets to go mountain biking in New Zealand. You’ve bragged to your friends. You’ve bought a sick new jersey. You finally got your fork serviced. Now it’s time to pack. Uh, where to start?

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