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How do we include sustainability throughout the Haka Tourism Group?

Being the largest New Zealand owned tourism company, a grassroots company with strong cultural ties to our roots, we are constantly building on our approach to sustainability. Here is a little on eco-tourism and how we incorporate this within our brand.

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12 green travel tips for your trip to New Zealand

Are you looking to have minimal impact on the environment? Here are 12 green travel tips to follow during your trip to New Zealand.

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25 things to do around North Auckland

Auckland the City of Sails – here are twenty five things to do and see!

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New Zealand snow festivals 2018

Who’s excited for the snow season!? Here are some New Zealand festivals that welcome in Winter.

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10 Native birds of New Zealand that rule the roost

Considering people from New Zealand are often referred to as “Kiwi’s” (I’m not sure if this has stemmed from the fruit or the bird) – and due to the fact that Hakatours uses a Kiwi bird as it’s brand symbol, it seems natural that we do a bird blog. Here are 10 birds that you should be flying to see!  

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