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South Island, New Zealand: Tour review with TJ from Sri Lanka

Listen to TJ chat about his one week South Island LICK tour – and how he overcame his fears.   He’s 24, from Sri Lanka, and a ‘good guy’ who really enjoyed his experience with us. Video Transcript My name is TJ, and I’m from Sri Lanka, and I’m 24 years old. I’ve been on the South Island Lick Tour, which is a seven-day tour. My tour manager was Burto. Actually, this trip was a valued trip and the best experience to me was because of Burto, because he was the man who convinced me to do all the stuff which I wasn’t going to do, and he wasn’t just a driver, he was actually a tour guide, and more, he was a friend as well. Yeah, good guy to be around, yeah. I think my favorite activity was the Canyon Swing. The canyon swing was the turning point which took all my fear out of heights, because before the tour, I’m actually afraid of heights, so Burto told me, “Man, just do the canyon swing. Trust me, nothing will happen to you. And the skydiving won’t be anything.” I mean, it will be easy as. So, I just took […]

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New Zealand Snow Tours – Skiing and Snowboarding Tour video

If you ever wanted to know what one of our New Zealand Snow Tours were really all about, this video is a must watch, as we follow one of the groups on our flagship SNOW SAFARI tour. This is professionally shot in full HD, and the results are stunning – check them out skiing and boarding (and heli skiing) on the best snow NZ has to offer. Listen to them speaking about their experience. Our thanks go out to the guests for making this possible! Video Transcript: Mike: Kia ora, my name’s Mike Burton from Haka Tours. I am the snow tour guide of New Zealand. We’re going to go do six mountains over seven days and take you on an awesome little adventure. Cheers. Sitting on top of Mt. John having a look at some of the beautiful views of Lake Tekapo. Rock and roll. Day 2, Ohau. Epic. Got another easy field to navigate. Basically one big bowl. Day 3 at Treble Cone, about to go shredding. Whoo. How’re you guys feeling? Pretty good? Awesome. Shall we go for a family run? Yeah. Anthony: The sun’s coming out. It’s beautiful out here, and having a good time. Mike: […]

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Merry Christmas from 'Burto Claus'

Mikey Burton – aka ‘Burto Claus’ has a festive message to all our guests – past, present and future. This is Burto in top form. He even reckons that he could have a career as a TV presenter. We think Burto should just stick to being the best snow tour guide ever!

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A customer's video of his trip with us

This clip is from one a South Island tour. Looks like a great time was had!

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Burto's overview of Haka Tours

Featuring a clean shaven Mikey Burton aka Burto, giving his formal overview of the Haka Tours business. Enjoy 🙂

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NZ tours – we give you much more than a bus pass

When you book your NZ tour with us, we don’t just hand you a bus pass and send you on your way. There are plenty of companies that do that – but our entire philosophy is about giving your more. At Haka Tours, we offer all-inclusive, high value New Zealand bus tours. Our tours are value-packed and include accommodation, transport, key activities and a kiwi tour guide who has expert, local knowledge and will take you to places you would never find touring on your own. The basics Here are a few of the basics you will find when you choose to explore New Zealand with us: Reliable transport The most essential part of any tour is, of course having reliable transport to get you to all the wonderful destinations on your itinerary. So it goes without saying that Haka Tours operates only the most modern, safe and reliable fleet of buses to transport you around New Zealand in comfort. All your transport is included in your tour. And when we say ‘all’, we also mean ferry and train transport (where applicable). Small Groups Our fundamental belief is that travelling in a small group results in a superior experience. Rather […]

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New Zealand Tours for Seniors: The Pearl Beach Plodders

A great little interview here with Bev, from Australia Bev is the head honcho of the ‘Pearl Group Plodders’ a group of young-at-heart Australians group who love walking tours. They got in touch with us to see if we could arrange a private tour for their group – and we did just that. We had a great time showing them round, and they loved their experience as well. If you have a group, and want a private tour, click here to send us your details Here is a transcript of the video: My favorite activity would have been some of the walks. We walked Wanaka, we walked up Mount Cook, we did cut a little bit of walk at Lake Taupo, and I just loved the Alps with the snow, just absolutely amazing. Also the train trip yesterday across from Greymouth was amazing. The company, the driver, Si, was absolutely fantastic, the flexibility; being able to change to the itinerary when we wanted to, being able to stop for wonderful lunches in so many beautiful places. I think the flexibility and the amiability of everybody onboard. I travel with a group, a group of friends definitely. Awesome, absolutely awesome. We […]

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New Zealand Snow Tour Review

Well, the 2013 snow season may be over, but if you are thinking about a 2014 tour, take a look at this review from Brett (Australia) where he chats about the highlights of his one week snow safari tour. Video Transcription Our tour manager was Burto. Awesome New Zealand guy. He knows every mountain like the back of his hand. He could nearly name every snowflake for you on the mountain as well. Lots of energy, kept us going. He knew all the hidey holes in the town as well for outbreak skiing afterwards. He could name the bars, clubs, best places for coffee as well. Real good guy. Personal highlights would have to be top of Mount Ohau, Treble Cone and Remarkables, getting hiked up to the top of the mountain. Stunning blue days, fresh powder. Seeing the views from the top of those mountains was just brilliant and worth the trip alone just to see these views. Being a small group tour has a lot of benefits. You’re not getting lost in the crowd as some of the bigger tours. Also the people on these small group tours are very like-minded. We’re all there for the one reason, all […]

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What Kind of Groups Tour With Us?

A question we get asked a lot is ‘what goups tour with us?’ There’s no short answer, but the first thing to note is that we welcome every tour group with open arms, whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family vacation, an adventure with your sports team, a trip with your mates or a luxurious holiday.  While solo travellers make up the vast majority of guests on our set tours, we host dozens of groups looking for a custom New Zealand tour. We offer private New Zealand group tours for families, friends, school groups, sports teams and those looking for a little luxury too. School Groups We create fun-filled New Zealand school trips that students will never forget. Our experienced tour guides will keep the students safe and sound while they have the trip of a lifetime. In fact, in 2009 we took a group of 20 students and two teachers from Singapore on a week long tour of the South Island. Here’s what the school’s representative told us about their trip with tour guide Si: “As a sponsor looking after 20 students, I appreciated how everything was set up and ran smoothly without any major hiccups. The dinners were fantastic. […]

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Bus tours around New Zealand, we are different and better

About to book a bus tour around New Zealand? Jump online, take some time  to browse around the hundreds of options Google has thrown your way, choose one that looks okay and hit ‘book’. Done. You figure, it’s not rocket science – surely, one bus tour around New Zealand can’t be all that different from another bus tour around New Zealand… Well, I’m here to tell you that actually, they are. Different, I mean. And by different, I actually mean better. In fact, being different and being better is just one of the things Haka Tours prides itself on, and something our travelers love about us. But what exactly is it that makes us, and our bus tours better? For starters, we do not provide run-of-the-mill, ‘tick all the must-see/do boxes’, kind of basic tours. When you return home from a Haka Tour, you won’t have just ‘visited New Zealand’, you will have lived it. We make sure of this by giving your tour a more personal touch – from point go, when you book with us, we make the effort to keep in touch with you leading up to the start of your tour. You’re not just another number […]

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