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Dressing for the 2019 Snow Season & Your Ski Tour

DRESSING FOR THE 2019 SNOW SEASON & YOUR SKIING/SNOWBOARDING TOUR If you’re planning a New Zealand ski or snowboard holiday, it’s important to stay warm, dry and comfortable for the duration of your time on the slopes.  To get you ready for your next snow adventure, we’ve got your packing list sorted (together with our friends at Kathmandu) to ensure you’re ready for the slopes this winter! LEARNING HOW TO LAYER YOUR CLOTHING FOR THE SNOW IS KEY As you’ll be active for most of the day, you need to ensure that your clothing layers work to keep you warm as well as wick away any sweat or moisture so that you can focus on your skiing/boarding and having fun. START WITH THE BASE LAYER FOR WARMTH Choose a thin, wicking, thermal or merino wool-blend that fits well and won’t rise up or feel baggy. For the top you will want a long sleeved top that fits close across your chest. The wonderful thing about merino blend clothing is that it retains 80% of its heating properties when wet, which will help regulate your body temperature, it will wick sweat away and its natural antimicrobial properties eliminates odour. The base […]

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Spring Skiing

The days get longer, food becomes lighter, you become lighter – Spring is coming. Wherever you may be reading this from, when you hear of skiing in late September, what springs to mind? New Zealand welcomes the cherry blossoms, strawberries, pohutukawa flowers, kiwifruit… and ofcourse, Spring skiing!

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Driving in New Zealand Winter

Driving in New Zealand – coming into the snow season, driving can be dangerous. Think rain, snow and sleet – we can’t change the weather but we can help change how you drive!

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New Zealand snow festivals 2018

Who’s excited for the snow season!? Here are some New Zealand festivals that welcome in Winter.

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Am I good enough to heliski?

Heliskiing holds a perception that you need to be an alpine-adventure-extremist-junkie. Is heliskiing is on your bucket list? You’ve always wanted to try it, but you don’t think your good enough? Here is how good you need to be to heliski!

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Gear up for the New Zealand snow season – how to get snow ready!

Who’s excited for the snow season!? If you want to get in shape for the snow season, we suggest starting an exercise program a month or two in advance – here are some tips and tricks on how to get into the best possible shape!

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What to expect on your first heli ski experience

Heli-skiing is exhilarating – long runs, no people and perfect powder. Snow trails aren’t groomed that means there won’t be hard packed snow, that requires a shift in equipment and technique from resort skiing. Heli-skiing is a perfect introduction into skiing powder and will be as extreme or gentle as you make it. Here is what you can expect from your first heli-ski run!

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Three activities in Queenstown that you probably haven’t heard of!

You would have heard about Queenstown’s adrenaline-pumping adventure activities – but what if you don’t like heights, jumping or getting wet? Here are three activities that will give you breathtaking memories.

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A trip to the snow – New Zealand or Australia?

The days get shorter, weather becomes cooler, food becomes heavier, you become heavier – Winter is coming. We compare a snow holiday in New Zealand verse Australia, factoring in weather conditions, ski terrain, transport and cost. 

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Top five places for skiing and snowboarding in Australia and New Zealand!

Winter is coming! We have put together the top five snow resorts in Australia and New Zealand – with local recommendations and attractions.

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