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Differences between the North Island and South Island of NZ

Edited for 2017 Of course, if you’re paying a visit to New Zealand, seeing absolutely all of it would be ideal. But let’s be honest, it’s not a realistic option for many people. It’s more likely you’ll only have time to squeeze some of it in. So, you may be asking – What even is the difference between the North and South islands of New Zealand? Here are the answers, so you can decide what would suit you best! How hot do you want it? Probably the most obvious difference – and so the best to kick off with – is the climate. Although New Zealand weather can be pretty unpredictable on a given day (it’s often said you can experience all 4 seasons within just one), it’s a safe bet how the two islands compare climatically. As a rule of thumb, the North is warmer than the South. This goes for all seasons however it should be said NZ is void of any real extremes. The North Island typically maintains a mild temperature throughout the year (20-30°C in summer), with the warmer region being near the top of the island (as it’s closer to the equator). The air is slightly […]

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