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Dressing for the 2019 Snow Season & Your Ski Tour

DRESSING FOR THE 2019 SNOW SEASON & YOUR SKIING/SNOWBOARDING TOUR If you’re planning a New Zealand ski or snowboard holiday, it’s important to stay warm, dry and comfortable for the duration of your time on the slopes.  To get you ready for your next snow adventure, we’ve got your packing list sorted (together with our friends at Kathmandu) to ensure you’re ready for the slopes this winter! LEARNING HOW TO LAYER YOUR CLOTHING FOR THE SNOW IS KEY As you’ll be active for most of the day, you need to ensure that your clothing layers work to keep you warm as well as wick away any sweat or moisture so that you can focus on your skiing/boarding and having fun. START WITH THE BASE LAYER FOR WARMTH Choose a thin, wicking, thermal or merino wool-blend that fits well and won’t rise up or feel baggy. For the top you will want a long sleeved top that fits close across your chest. The wonderful thing about merino blend clothing is that it retains 80% of its heating properties when wet, which will help regulate your body temperature, it will wick sweat away and its natural antimicrobial properties eliminates odour. The base […]

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What to do if Ruapehu mountain is closed

What to do if Mt Ruapehu is closed – hot pools, adventure activities, art and crafts, honey, and more!

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Why traveling solo is good for you!

Traveling solo is brilliant because simple life skills are intensified. You learn your likes and dislikes, how to bond with people and the value of an experience. And, because you’re on your own, you learn to enjoy your own company – and you learn introspection.

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Spring Skiing

The days get longer, food becomes lighter, you become lighter – Spring is coming. Wherever you may be reading this from, when you hear of skiing in late September, what springs to mind? New Zealand welcomes the cherry blossoms, strawberries, pohutukawa flowers, kiwifruit… and ofcourse, Spring skiing!

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5 best watering holes on K'Rd

Have you arrived in Auckland and you’re looking for somewhere to dip your toes? K Rd offers an eclectic mix of – well ­– everything – here are our top five watering holes to go for a splishy splashy!

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Five things to do in Northland

Explore the Winterless North!

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20 Things to do around West Auckland!

Whether it be strawberry picking, fine-dining in a treehouse or chasing waterfalls – we have it! Here are 20 things to see and do around West Auckland

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6 Golden Activities to do in Queenstown

Adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is well known, well loved and well worth the visit. Here are six activities to help you unwind after a day on the slopes – or just unwind!

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New Zealand vs Australia – How Do You Choose?

New Zealand vs Australia – How Do You Choose? You’ve narrowed it down to either Australia or New Zealand for your next holiday adventure, but you can only get three weeks off work and have a limited budget – so how do you choose? That’s easy to answer: use this guide to decide which is best for you! Cities or Scenery? Yes, yes – we know Australia and New Zealand both have cities. And they both technically have scenery too. But the countries are very (very) different. Australia (cities) If you’re looking for pumping nightlife and streets lined with hipster-laden bars, we’d probably nudge you more towards Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are world famous for their big-night-on-the-town activities. On the scenery front, Australia has some truly impressive and vast landscapes. Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, the Twelve Apostles – you really have to see them to believe them. But they can be quite far apart and expensive to get to. New Zealand (scenery) Whilst New Zealand has some solid nightlife options, what’s more impressive is it being home to the world’s largest dark sky reserve. Here, light pollution is so low you can see unrivaled views of the Milky […]

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20 things to do around East Auckland

Here are 20 things to see and do around East Auckland!

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