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Lest we forget – Anzac Day 2018

Anzac Day – this year, 2018, marks the final year of WW100 commemorations – with four long years of conflict claiming the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians, coming to an end in 1918. Here is a background on Anzac Day, its significance to New Zealand and events near you.

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Ten things to eat in New Zealand

Food is an expression of culture – traditional cuisine is passed through generations and is a means of cultural identity. New Zealand offers a unique hybrid of heart warming comfort food, with a strong focus on meat, poultry, seafood and seasonal vegetables, combined with the indigenous cooking styles of Māori. Here are 10 of our national delicacies!

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Why is culture important to the Haka Tourism Group?

‘Whanau’ is the Māori word for family, but it also extends to your local community. Whanau is integral to the Haka Tourism brand – the Haka family trust one another, treat each other well, and put equality and honesty at the heart of everything they do.

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How to keep your coffee grind in New Zealand

Travelling to a new country can be daunting when your daily coffee routine is challenged. Luckily, New Zealand, small size but nonetheless wise, is a premium coffee producer and proud founder of the flat white. Here is a list of our popular coffee orders and preferred coffee roasters to keep you grinding!

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Seven hidden gems on Karangahape Road – for a backpacker budget.

Karangahape Road is vibrant with an eclectic mix of people and a grungy, artistic feel of a metropolitan area. Here are seven gems to explore! 

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Beginner's guide to speaking Kiwi

Travelling to a new country can be a daunting experience, especially when you don’t understand the local language. New Zealander’s relaxed attitude is reflected in their speech – a slow, relaxed drawl with flavour adders that represent local culture. 

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What to do in Queenstown in Spring

Activity ideas for a short visit to NZ’s adventure capital!

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2017 Is The Year to Do a Snow Tour of NZ

This year is the perfect opportunity to tick that box by hitting the slopes in the coming winter. Whether you’re an experienced skier/boarder, or a beginner who would like to feel the refreshing mountain air through your hair – 2017 is the time to book in a Haka snow tour.
Here is a guide to our amazing Snow Tours and New Zealand’s best resorts and ski fields, check it out!

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The Cultural DO's and DONT's in New Zealand

Kia Ora! Today, we’re talking about something many mindful travelers might be concerned about before visiting a new country: the big DO’s and DONT’s in the local culture. So, what about New Zealand, are there any? For sure! But don’t you worry, we’ll guide you through the most important ones, explore the origin of some of these customs and manners and learn a bit about the ‘Māori way of doing things’.

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Traditional Māori Foods You Should Try When Visiting New Zealand

Kia Ora! It’s time to talk about Kai (Food in Te Reo Māori)! Food connects the world and sampling new, exotic dishes is one of the many things
travelers look forward to when exploring a new country. In a country with such a young human history, the ‘traditional cuisine’ is especially interesting.

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