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How to keep your coffee grind in New Zealand

Coffee is the worlds most consumed psychoactive drug and second most popular beverage. In Italy, the quintessential espresso was born, followed by the Cappuccino. In Vietnam – dark roasted beans are drip pressed, topped with a thick band of condense milk. America created bottomless filters and Starbucks. The Balinese created the ‘Kopi Luwak’ that is made from coffee beans passed through a civet (cat like animal). Australia will continue to poach New Zealand’s creations. And New Zealand, small size but nonetheless wise, is proud founder of the flat white. Here is a list of our popular coffee orders and preferred coffee roasters to keep you grinding!

Flat white

Synonymous to New Zealand coffee culture. Its name is a mystery – fizzy drink that looses its fizz is typically referred to as ‘flat’ and rumour has it, a failed cappuccino was referred to as a ‘flatwhite’. A double shot of espresso combined with thick, silky milk that has a thin band of foam head. Less milky than a latte, less foamy than a cappuccino.


Three layers of deliciousness. A double shot of espresso, followed by steamed milk foam that has a light, fluffy consistency, followed by foamy milk that is spooned on top and layered with cinnamon or chocolate powder. More foamy than a flat white, less milky than a latte.


A double shot of espresso combined with thick, silky milk. The foam head is thicker in length than a flat white and usually served in a glass. More milky than a flat white, less foamy than a cappuccino.


Also known as a caffè mocha – hot chocolate meets coffee. Double shot of espresso mixed with chocolate powder or sauce, and thick, silky milk with a medium band of foam. Typically served with chocolate powder and a sweat treat such as marshmallows or square of chocolate.


Also known as Caffè Americano – espresso shot diluted with hot water. A weakened long black with 30-50ml shot of espresso and 150ml of hot water.

Long black

Also known as a caffè Americano. Similar to an Americano, but with a stronger and more distinct taste. An espresso double shot, usually 30-50ml of coffee combined with 90mls of hot water.

Short black

Also known as an espresso. Typically served in a piccolo cup with a single shot of espresso. No hot water.

Drink espresso no depresso

New Zealand is proud to a be premium coffee producer and in terms of coffee suppliers, some popular New Zealand coffee roasters are Allpress, Flight and Supreme coffee – but across the country the quality of coffee is hard to beat. Drink coffee and espress yourself!

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