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Getting fit for your MTB trip in NZ

How fit do I need to be?
Going on a mountain bike tour usually means riding for several days in a row,
pedalling an average of 3-4 hours per day with a mix of climbs and descents:

Not all rides would be so long, there will also be shorter recovery days built in for
you to recharge your batteries:

Some tours (like ours) include shuttle services and lift assisted bike park riding as
well as some options like heli-biking which means less uphill. On Haka Tours you
also get the benefit of 2 expert guides, allowing the group to be split according to
the riders’ levels and expectations.

There is often the option take it easy for a day too, especially on days where you’re
driving from one awesome location to the next.

Prepare yourself
To get the most enjoyment from your mountain bike tour and to avoid injuries due
to muscle fatigue, it is better to come prepared. If you fit in around of 6 hours of
weekly strength and endurance training (preferably on a bike) you should already
be in good shape for your trip.

On the other hand, if you don’t ride as much you used to, getting back on your bike
a couple of months prior your departure is a great idea. Once a week, start with
whatever is a normal ride for you and then gradually increase the length, climbs or
technical aspects of your riding according to the type of tour you are going to join.

New Zealand, for example, has long singletracks and some moderate climbs on the
North Island so choose your rides with this in mind. The South Island will bring you
steeper climbs, longer downhill sections and more challenging terrain (rocks, roots).

Increase to two rides after a couple of weeks and try to squeeze in a third towards the
end of your preparation. Follow these tips and you will be ready to jump on tour!
On tour
Since you will be riding for multiple days in a row, it’s important to get proper rest
during your downtime. Nutrition is also key. Always make sure you bring enough
water and food on the ride and that you eat a decent breakfast to give you energy
for the day! Don’t forget to stretch post-ride either – this will definitely help you to
handle the demands of the trip. There are some great routines available online!

Next-level resources
Looking for some MTB-specific exercises? Specialised channels such as
@enduromtbtrainer have stacks of suggestions:
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To develop your mobility and ease post-ride soreness you can also add in yoga
routines. We recommend checking @yoga15app:
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