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Lake Tekapo, New Zealand – Everything You Need to Know

Situated roughly half way down the South Island, and roughly half way between Christchurch and Queenstown, sits Lake Tekapo.

This lake is one of four in the Mackenzie Basin (Ruataniwha Benmore, Pukaki and Tekapo), that offer a whole lotta’ bang for absolutely no buck – so it’s no surprise Tekapo is a sure thing on all our South Island itineraries.

What we mean by this, is that Lake Tekapo is one of the most striking lakes in NZ (potentially the world), and not just when it comes to the lake itself.  Without running the risk of being confusing, here’s everything you need to know about Tekapo.

1. The Wonderful Water

The most apparent thing about Lake Tekapo when you arrive (and so the best thing for us to kick off with) is the astonishing aquamarine hue of the water.

Rather, its blue. Its very blue hue! 

Many lakes can appear a bright blue, usually on a nice day. The incredible thing about the 4 lakes of the Mackenzie Basin is that they’re a brilliant blue all year round. Tekapo is a glacier lake, and the glaciers nearby grind rock into dust as they shift (over a rather long time). Give it a few million years, and this dust mixes with the water, leaving it the remarkable blue you see
today. All it took was a few million years – we should probably enjoy it right?

Basically, it's really starry at night, and we're going to keep it that way.

If you want to make the most of the star-gazing opportunities, pay a visit to the Mount John University Observatory!

3. The Church of the Good Shepherd

If you do a search of #LakeTekapo on Instagram, one building in particular makes a regular appearance.

This tiny little stone structure on the shores of the Lake is known as the Church of the Good Shepherd, and is popular with tourists.

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The church was built in 1935, and was the first to be built in the area. Upon first glance, the chapel looks particularly... rustic. Step inside though, and you'll see it's still set up to be used.

In fact, it's fully operational - and worship is held every Sunday afternoon. The large window on the far wall looks right onto the lake and the surrounding mountains, so it's certainly not a bad spot for a visit - no matter your religious inclination.

Partly because it's the cutest church you've ever seen, and partly because of the idyllic location, a visit to this iconic landmark is an essential if you're in the area.

4. Where to Stay

Tekapo is a small town made up of roughly 400 residents, so as far as accommodation goes, there aren't a whole lot of options.

That isn't to say though, that the existing options aren't perfect for staying the night. Here are the two that we find work really well for us at Haka Tours.

  1. For small groups (or private tours): Lake Tekapo Village Motel
    This motel is as central as you can get, and depending on the room, offer great views of the lake. It's also the recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.
  2. For large groups (or dorm rooms): YHA Tekapo
    The YHA hostel in Tekapo is cheap and cheerful, but the views are a million bucks. The rooms range in size (4 beds to 7 beds), but you won't spend much time in your room with this out the living room window: 
    Currently Closed! We hope this will reopen in March/April 2019. 

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5. Time for a Soak

If the best thing to do in Tekapo is take in the breathtaking views, then why not do it from the comfort of a nice toasty spring? Two birds, one stone; am I right?

If this sounds like your cup of tea, head to the Tekapo Springs, a collection of three thermal pools, nestled in the local greywacke rock. It really feels like you're blending - or melting - into the landscape.

After a few days on tour (or road-trip if that's what you're doing), there's not a lot in this world that beats a nice long dip in the spring. Just imagine the "oooh" sound you'll make when you settle into your spot. You'll make another "oooh" sound if you visit in Winter; the views of the snowy mountains around the lake are good cause for exclamation.

As if that wasn't enough, there are water-slides for the kids, tubing for (uuh everyone!), a huge ice-skating rink... and star gazing tours!

That's right - you can visit the springs at night. We won't say too much about it, we'll just leave you with this:

6. 'Tis Always the Season

So we've told you what you can do, where you can stay. Your next question might be: "when should I go?"

Our answer? Whenever you can! 

Lake Tekapo is fortunate, in that it's not seasonally dependent when it comes to tourist appeal. It does change with each season, yes. Particularly because of it's geographical location/position, the landscape transforms completely over the course of the year. The thing is, Tekapo is perfection in every season.

Go in Autumn, and the trees on the banks of the lake take on a gorgeous warm auburn colour.

In Winter, it's likely you'll be treated to a bit of snow fall. A blanket of snow on the surrounding peaks are the icing on an already perfectly-picturesque cake.

In Spring, the lupins begin to bloom again, and the air begins to warm up. By the time Summer arrives, gorgeous pinks and purples cover the banks of the lake - you just couldn't ask for a more perfect setting. Except, well, we're a bit conflicted on this as lupins are an introduced plant species and maybe aren't so great for the biodiversity of this exceptional area

7. Just Do It!

But enough chit-chat. We could go on about the wonder that is Lake Tekapo all day, but there's no use talking about it.

We think you should see it for yourself! As soon as possible. Trust us, you'll never regret penciling it into your itinerary.

If we've convinced you to pay a visit, here are the Haka Tours that include Tekapo in the itinerary (so you can start convincing others they need to go too):

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Amplified NZ Tour (16 Days)
Epic NZ Tour (24 Days)
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