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Whales are one of the most spectacular animals in the world; and with Whale Watch Kaikoura, you can see them up close and in person! New Zealand has a delicate ecosystem and houses some gorgeous wildlife and marine life. Kaikoura is a hot spot for whales and dolphins – if you are passing by, we definitely recommend you take a look-see! Check out our interivew with Whale Watch Kaikorua:

Hi there, thanks for the interview. Please introduce yourself to our readers and describe Whale Watch Kaikorua.

Lisa Bond – Marketing & Communications at Whale Watch Kaikoura. We are New Zealand’s only marine-based whale watching company offering visitors an exciting up-close encounter with Giant Sperm Whales at all times of the year.

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to witness the many emotions expressed by people when they see whales and other types of marine life for the first time, it is so special to be able to show people these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. I have seen people cry, other become speechless, other shout with joy at the beauty of nature – doesn’t get much better than that really.

Describe Whale Watch Kaikoura in 5 words or less.

Whale of a time 😉

What is it about Whale Watch Kaikoura that sets it apart?

Not only can we see sperm whales off our coastline all year round at times we can also view other species of whales migrating passed our coastline – such as: humpback whales, the blue whale, killer whales, southern right whales to name a few. And if time allows we also do our best to view any other species of marine life in the area on the day – dusky dolphins, hectors dolphins, NZ fur seals and even the largest bird in flight the wandering albatross (We have a high success rate of sighting whales around 95% of the time and if for your tour doesn’t sight whale we give 80% of your money back!).

What is it about New Zealand that makes you love it so much?

Wherever I travel around NZ I find myself saying WOW all the time – at the views, the friendliness of the people I come in contact with, being able to drive for sometimes miles at a time without coming across other vehicles on the road (I am sure this is a first for a lot of our overseas visitors when they come here – probably wondering where all the people have gone!)  

Safety is very important – what steps do you guys take?

With our tours being always dependant on sea conditions our captains are constantly monitoring the weather and sea conditions. This may mean a tour is cancelled if conditions are unsuitable or safety restrictions placed on children or passengers with medical problems if deemed necessary. Passenger comfort and safety are always our priority.

Describe one of your favourite moments in your job.

The day I was able to witness first hand a pod of Orca teaching their young how to hunt on dolphins. It was nature at its best and not something you get to see every day. Truly raw & wild natural behaviour at is best and something that will stick with me for a very long time.

Thanks for your great interview! One last question – what is some parting advice for people traveling to NZ?

Make the most of everyday, meet a local they have the best keep secrets after all. Take time to stop and explore the many walks, waterfalls and sights there are to see throughout your journey. Most of all ‘Take photos and leave only footprints’

The last line is so true! While you’re traveling around NZ, be sure to leave it pure and untouched. Footprints and photos are welcome; recycle and keep the enviornment clean and green 🙂

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