Every Tour is Unique

The nature of a fully custom tour is that each one, and it’s pricing is unique.

What it means is that when pricing your holiday our team needs to understand your unique needs in order to provide you with an estimate of costs.

So, to get started, you’ll need to provide us with information about your holiday. You can do this here on our quote enquiry form, and one of our team will be in touch. We’ll also ask you what your budget is, and this means our expert team can put together a packages or options that suit you.

There are many aspects to take in to account that affect the price of your tour:

Group size: They say the more the merrier but how many people are you travelling with? We build tours for groups of all shapes and sizes – from solo travellers and couples to multi generational families and large sporting groups.

Accommodation: On a Haka custom tour you decide what kind of accommodation you want to have, whether it is a hostel, 3 star motel or a luxury 5 star hotel. You can even mix accommodation types along the way. Take a closer look at our accommodation options here.

Activities: Are you a crazy adrenaline junkie or do you like to chill and take it easy while having a glass of wine and taking in the scenery? New Zealand has an amazing variety of activities from sky-diving and white water rafting to great walks, visits in a vineyard and hiking in our breath-taking country.

Duration: Different groups spend vastly different lengths of time here, which natually has a bearing on cost. However, what ever the duration of your holiday we can usually find a way to keep things cost effective.

Season: Simply put, New Zealand is a more expensive destination to visit in it’s summer season (December, January, February) so things like accommodation prices can vary accordingly.

Destinations: While areas such as Rotorua and Queenstown are well known and super popular, there is no shortage of other amazing locations that tend to be lower in cost – just ask our team.