Day 6: Auckland to Great Barrier

One of the most well-known islands of the Hauraki Gulf is Aotea/Great Barrier. Today you wake up early to catch the morning ferry or plane.

The rugged landscape and golden beaches are simply breathtaking. The island will bring a real sense of adventure and has something in store for everyone. Hike, bike, fish, dive, surf - you name it!

You’ll be picked up from the Great Barrier airport or ferry terminal and taken to your accommodation.

Did you know that Great Barrier Island is officially a Dark Sky Sanctuary. Due to the low light pollution, you have great opportunities to see the Milky Way and tonight you will join a guided tour to learn more about our galaxy.

You’ll meet the tour in a stunning, dark island location. Lean back in a comfy moon chair, hear the waves lap against the shore, look up and see the thousands of stars visible in a Dark Sky Sanctuary. Let one of our passionate Good Heavens guides illuminate you on the magical display, and hear stories about the stars.

N.B. In case of unfavourable weather, the Dark Sky Reserve can be changed to a later date.


  • Breakfast
  • Ferry or flight from Auckland to Great Barrier
  • Great Barrier Island transfer to accommodation
  • Dark Sky Experience - your guides will draw constellations in the sky, while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea. Stargazing does not get more enjoyable than this!
  • Accommodation on Great Barrier

Local Tips

  • Different seasons offer different opportunities when it comes to stargazing. In winter the stunning, dense galactic centre of the Milky Way is visible and high up in the sky. It also gets dark a lot earlier with tours starting at 7.30pm, whereas in the Summer months the start time can be as late as 9.30pm. However summer also offers many interesting constellations and star clusters to gaze at, and the temperature is lovely.
  • Bring a good torch and experience paradise - off the grid! There is no reticulated electricity supply on the island; therefore there are no streetlights and as the locals harness energy from the sun and wind, sometimes there is limited power.
  • There are also no banks or ATMs on the island. Most places accept credit and/or eftpos card but we recommend you taking some cash as well.